Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who's cooler - you or your fridge?

Hey there! I'm back again to make your life easier and show you how to be happy. Really.

So - how's your refrigerator looking these days?

Crammed full? Inside and out? Doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, it shouldn’t be like that. 

Here’s how to make it better.

This week we start with the outside. Next week - we tackle the inside.

Time to rock & roll. Time to make it better. 

1. Remove anything you've stuck to it. Like calendars, shopping lists, vacation photos, magnets, coupons.There are better places for these things. Utilitarian calendars and notes - the best place for these are on the inside of your kitchen cabinets. Why not? It's empty space that no one has to see but you. Easy to access, easy to hide. Need to consult your calendar? Open the cabinet. Don't need it? Close the cabinet. Perfect. Post your calendar, shopping lists, whatever inside your cabinets and free up the front of your fridge. Now you can see them when necessary, but everyone isn't subjected to them. Now, how about those photos and magnets? Just more visual clutter that fills your mind up every day. Put the photos in frames or albums or recycling, get rid of last years holiday photo from people whose kids you don't even recognize, and lose most of the magnets. Now you should be looking at a clean slate, otherwise known as your fridge.

2. Next step? Give the surface a good cleaning with your favorite spray cleaner. Or just use a mixture of eco-friendly white vinegar and water. Any lingering smell of vinegar will dissipate, so no worries.

3. Now, put something on the fridge that makes you smile. One magnet - fine. 400 magnets - not so fine. Clutter stuck to your fridge is just as bad as clutter on your table. It all effects your state of mind and clogs your head up with useless stuff. Why not put something unique on the fridge? I have three small framed oil paintings - I found them at a garage sale and just glued magnetic tape on the back of the frames. Looks great - and I'm probably the only one on the block with that on the fridge! Different huh? Use your imagination - a favorite greeting card, a drawing from your child, Maybe a postcard from your brother who's traveling cross country....again. (Just saying.) The point is to use the space for something uplifting and fun, not just another clutter center. Kind of makes you see your fridge in a new way, right? Kind of shows you how to be happy, anywhere, anytime.

How's the outside of the fridge looking? Calmer? Happier? Making your world better?

Next week we talk about the inside. I've got great shortcuts for making the inside of the fridge work for you, not against you. 

Time for a reward. Go set a timer for 15 minutes and go read, sit in the sun, take a power nap, whatever floats your boat. Take some time for yourself, you've earned it.

Congrats! You've made a part of your world just a little bit better!

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