Saturday, December 1, 2012

What's Your Front Entrance Saying about You?

A forlorn front entrance is a sad, sad sight. It’s giving off a sad, sad message. That sad, sad people live there. Don’t let this be your 1st message to the world.
No matter what season it is, I’ll bet the area by your front door is looking a bit tired. Time for a spiff up. Especially if you are about to decorate for the holidays. Decorations on top of dust, debris and general all around dirt does not a festive holiday make!
So here’s a short list of what needs to be done – before the lights and animated figures make their appearance at your house. What, you don’t FEEL like doing it? Just do it.You’ll be glad you did. And Santa will thank you later.
The Easy, Peasy Steps to Spiff Up Your Front Entrance.
1. Give your front stoop, porch, steps, whatever a really good sweep. Get rid of all the debris. Leaves, sticks, dead bugs, cobwebs – it all has to go. (Unless you’re decorating for Halloween, then leave the cobwebs.)
2. Get a new door mat if needed. This is the best defense against tracking dirt into your home, so make sure it’s earning it’s keep. In the list of priorities for a door mat, grabbing dirt from your shoes is first, looking great is second. Those coir mats that come with holiday colors and pictures should be a distant 26th. They don’t actually remove dirt from people’s shoes, they just shred up and disintegrate and end up tracking more dirt into your house. That’s why they’re so cheap. Spend money for a good mat and it will last you for years. And you won’t have to swap it out with each holiday. (Just a side note – I don’t know which I deem the most useless and unneeded holiday decoration – door mats or toilet seat covers. Really? What would you want to store a holiday door mat and/or toilet seat cover.? If anyone has a good reason, or feels strongly that I’m wrong, just let me know. Please. I really want to know. “Cause I just can’t understand it.)
3. Take a close look at the door surround. That’s the wood or metal trim that goes around your door, attached to the house. Is it chipped in places? Does it need some touch up? If so, break out the touch up paint. How about the door hardware? I just noticed that my storm door handle is missing almost all of its black paint. Doesn’t that send a warm and welcoming hello to everyone…..
4. What’s hanging on your front door? Make it something cheerful, colorful. Be sure to change it with the seasons (that’s only 4 times a year, not too much to ask). And make sure it is flat. There’s nothing worse than being assaulted by a cumbersome wreath or flower arrangement when trying to pass the front door. Flat rules.
5. Polish up any glass on the door or storm door. Best method – use a squeegee. It gets all the dirt and grime off in one sweep so you don’t have to keep going over the same area. Click here for a video to show you how.
6. How’s the mailbox look? Take care of any needed maintenance. Same goes for the door bell or door knocker. And if your doorbell isn’t working, get it fixed immediately! Bad karma…..just saying.
7. If you have room, put something decorative outside the front door. Maybe a pot of flowers if it ever gets warm enough, maybe a box or bucket guests can put their wet umbrellas in. Just make sure you don’t take up so much room that it’s difficult to get in the door. Simplicity is the key word here. And always.
Looking good now! Santa would be proud. Maybe he’ll even fill your stocking extra full this year! As usual, it comes down to making things easy and accessible. Simple shortcuts to get things done quickly and easily. That’s what I’m all about.
I’m Evelyn Cucchiara of The Hopeful Life, and my goal, my reason for being, is to make your life easier. I teach crazy, busy people with no time how to lose the crazy and get more time.
I’m all about the shortcuts – shortcuts to getting out the door in the morning, shortcuts to getting dinner on the table. I admit it, I’m a very selfish person, I like my me time. That’s what my shortcuts are designed to do – get you more time. What you use that time for is up to you! Over on my website, The Hopeful Life, I share tons of shortcuts on how to make your life HOPEFUL – which stands for Happy, Organized, Peaceful, Efficient and Full of Fun. Come visit me

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