Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Biggest Timesaver

Feeling overwhelmed by all the places you have to be and all the things you have to do? Take a look at my video "How To Organize a Timetable for your Household". Hope you get some great ideas - they work for us!

be organized.....evelyn

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Creative Storage 101

Something different today!
Presenting a special guest blog by blogger Lisa Kane - all about finding new places to store things. Enjoy!
And let me know what you think!

There comes a time in every organizer’s life when the space simply runs out. It happens slowly, but eventually the space is going to run out. If you’ve reached your organization threshold then consider these creative tips for making the most out of every space.

1. Deck the walls
One of the areas with the most potential in your home is the walls. Think about how much empty real estate you have, just ready for shelves so you can start utilizing the space. This type of storage strategy works best when you think of terms of what’s display-worthy. Your extra towels and cleaning supplies aren’t going to look that great on the wall, but your kids’ toys or your collection of hats might. Pick out things that would make a great display and put them up on the shelves instead of in the back of the closet.

An example from my house - our vitamins.  Evelyn
2. Look up
Another area that’s often overlooked is the top of high furniture. If you have a tall wardrobe or bookcase it’s unlikely that you’ve used the space on top for storage. The best furniture for this kind of application will be deep so the top has a lot of surface area. Remember that you don’t have to fill up all the space if you’re concerned about the appearance. You can put things near the wall and no one will be able to see them from below. Make sure you choose items that you don’t need often because getting them up and down can be a bit of a chore.

3. Go to the bathroom
The title might seem a little bit weird, but the bathroom is typically underused when it comes to storage. Take a look at your bathrooms to see what extra space could be converted into storage. Many showers have a ledge above the shower that can be converted into a shelf for decorative boxes. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, you can also create a corner nook to hold everything from extra bathroom supplies to last year’s Christmas decorations. You’ll be surprised at how much extra space you were ignoring in the bathroom.

4. Multipurpose when possible
One of the most interesting storage solutions I’ve seen was a living room chair that also served as a bookshelf. If you’re having trouble imagining how that would work, picture a large lounge chair with a hollowed out frame to hold books inside and the cushion on top. You might not be able to make your current furniture hollow, but there are certainly some areas where you can double up on usefulness. Take the drawers out of a side table and make it into a bookshelf, or go even further and create an entire entertainment system out of bookshelves. Whatever you do, make sure it serves at least two purposes.

These tips should get you started on thinking creatively about storage, but don’t forget your other options if you still don’t have enough space. Self-storage is a good solution for anyone who simply can’t squeeze out another inch of room.

Author’s bio: Lisa Lane is an expert on storage units and how to maximize usable space in your home. She got her start in organization when she managed storage units in Tallahassee but since then she moves and keeps her collection of rare books in storage units in Virginia Beach.

be organized.....evelyn

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How To Stop Drowning in Paper!

So - how much paper comes into your house every day....every week? Where's it all ending up?

How about in here?

The famous Treasure Chest!

This short 4 minute video I did will give you a fool proof system to deal with it before it takes over your life.

Watch it, do it, be it. Hope it makes your life just a little bit easier!

Have a great day!

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